What Is The Point?

Learn about what inspired the creation of doodleMiner. Check out my web design skills and buy something from my store because why not?

About This Project

I originally created the doodleMiner account on instagram to separate my main account from artistic themed accounts. I have always had an interest in art, which lead to me following allot of art related accounts. Soon all my feed was being overrun with active artistic accounts.

My solution to this problem was to create a separate account. Now I could save bookmark and like all the pictures I wanted. Having an Instagram feed filled with art inspired me to draw again. I usually would feel the most inspired in class. As I passively listened to lectures my mind wondered and created some of my best ideas.

As my page grew I wondered how I could expand my artistic abilities. As a developer I decided why not design a webpage dedicated to this same idea.

Solo Miner

All work done here has been done through a single user. Find out my name? I don’t really care but I won’t make it easy! This allows me to have more creative freedom (:

Instagram Feed

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Catch a glimpse inside my mind…

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